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Mom I cared for you: the root of insomnia

By Psychologist Janine Rodiles

“Those who can´t sleep is because they think they should watch.”
Bert Hellinger

There are many types of insomnia and various causes. Insomnia is when we can´t sleep immediately, or intermediate or maintenance insomnia if we wake up frequently during the night, or terminal insomnia when we wake up early, that is, very early.

Insomnia. Luis Juárez

As part of the symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression are added sleep disturbances. Insomnia is a common symptom of some mental disorders: bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dementia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

From the systemic point of view1, those who do not sleep are people who are watching (in vigil) alert and unfortunately were children who believed they should take care of their parents. In my clinical experience I have encountered patients who feared that their father would beat his mother at night (when he arrived drunk) or, given certain conditions of poverty that assailants would enter during the night. They live with a deep insecurity and, therefore, they feel the need to have permanent control: they must watch.

Insomnia Leonora Carrington

With insomnia, there is often a post-traumatic stress syndrome that has not been treated. Boys or girls who were touched or sexually abused by close relatives while they tried to fall asleep. It is also common for parents who suffered war or had serious illnesses and whose children (daughters) were
tried to take care of them.
There are types of insomnia of a transgenerational nature, these are current dramas linked to traumatic or unexpected deaths of one or more relatives whose deaths could not be veiled or a duel has not been made. For example, victims of HIV whose family, out of shame, hid the sexual
preference of the deceased relative.

It might they also have losses to which no explanation or justification has been found, or which was a possible murder under a situation has not been clarified; the same happens with suicides that left a culprit burden on all members of the family system, or labor accidents where the decedent was not compensated, or natural disasters that left the survivors “guilty”. This is magnified in cases of disappearances and kidnappings where the family could not even recover noteven the body of their relative to watch over it and bury it with dignity. In these cases, Family Constellations are necessary to heal the system and offer an honorable farewell to the deceased, in addition to exploring the transgenerational empathy between the
deceased and the person with insomnia who is surely watching over his relative who is still waiting for the duel for his death .

There are other reasons why you can lose sleep: severe health problems, economic, relational, or lack of morality that require a solution because they do not leave “peaceful consciousness.”

Substance addictions or work can cause sleep disorders. In these cases it is advisable to go to a selfhelp group or to do therapy.

Fatal familial insomnia prevents some people from falling asleep, it´s very rare, but this disease cause death from being so tired. It is caused by a protein similar to the one that causes mad cow disease which is a very bad disease that comes from eating infected meat. Also people with disorders of their circadian rhythms often have trouble sleeping at normal times.

Another unexplored cause that also causes morning insomnia, that is, when the person wakes up hours before dawn, is a call to intimacy with your spirit. In this case the person should seek to meditate, pray and enjoy these hours of silence, considered very auspicious for the closeness to the
Sacred Source of Existence. This happens regularly between 3 to 4 a.m. and one can devote an hour to meditation and then go back to bed and sleep.

Budha of Medicin

Whatever type of insomnia you suffer here we present several solutions:
If you were a boy or girl who in his childhood feared for the safety, health, or integration of one of your parents you should say “Dad, Mom, I would give my life to protect you, but here I am the little one. I can´t save you. I’m just his son (or daughter). I leave your physical security and your health in the hands of the Source of Existence. I love you, thank you.”

If you suffer from maintenance insomnia, you need to check if you have a moral charge that creates an uneasiness in your conscience, something that makes you feel guilty. For example, if you are at work that you do not like, or if you are dissatisfied with your marriage or relationship and do not dare to question your permanence (at work or in any relationship). I recommend you explore these topics with a professional, you can talk with a minister, a therapist, or a coacher, an do it sincerely speaking about your situation will help you clarify.

If you suffered physical or sexual abuse and at night you are afraid of the dark, in these cases I recommend you to do therapy. Once you have done this you can also take one of the following natural remedies to fall asleep:

  1. Tea of lemon balm (half an hour before sleep)
  2. Sublingual melatonin (3 or 5 mg)
  3. Make a mixture of 3 drops of these essential oils: pink, violet and sweet almonds, apply
  4. Tea of melissa one cup before go to bed

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